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The Albanian American Cultural Center (AACC) has to its advantage a large quantity of restaurants, sports bars, bars and many other businesses among our member base. We estimate 300 in the North Texas region alone. The AACC has built a “partner program” between the estimated 300 member businesses and vendors we trade with. We facilitate negotiations between vendors and our large group of restaurants. We have two current agreements that are successful and we are working on other partnerships to expand our program. Currently we have successful contracts with Coca Cola and Lisanti Foods.

We have three goals relating to our partner program. First and most important is we are looking for a “long term” partnership with a solid foundation and great communication. Coca Cola is an excellent example of this. The leadership of the AACC has direct face to face relationships with the regional leadership at Coca Cola. This has helped to grow the partnership at a brisk pace and has brought Coke over 65 conversions from Pepsi to Coke. We currently have 225 restaurants signed with Coke. Coke truly understands the potential of business growth with the AACC partnership program.

Our second goal is to bring a significant negotiated discount to our member businesses. This is key to the success of the program. Many individuals will be more motivated to sign with a new vendor if they see a significant cost savings for their business. Our vision is to aggregate the 300 businesses to bring a large cost savings to all participating members.

The third goal is to have an increase of service and satisfaction to all participating members with the partner vendor. Large numbers always garner more respect and better service than a single restaurant or business unit. This is an instrumental aspect to the AACC partner program.

These three goals plus the motivated participation between the AACC leadership and vendor leaders will be the building blocks of a prosperous and long term relationship. 


Our Partners

AACC Texas Sponsor Turkish Airlines

Preferred Vendor List

  • Lisanti Foods: 972-929-8810
  • Coca-Cola: 214-797-2901
  • Merchant Processing Credit Cards: Coming soon
  • Energy: Coming soon
  • Pest Control Service: Coming soon
  • Linen Service: Coming soon
  • Dish Machine Service: Coming soon


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